What is Digital Marketing? A Whole New Generation of Marketing Explained to the Baby Boomers

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Thanks to the speed technology now progresses at each year, so many elements of our daily life are changing rapidly. From the way, we shop and order a taxi to how brands market their products. Gone are the days of taking out a decent sized print ad in the local newspaper and waiting for the sales to roll in.

Thanks to the progression of technology, people aren’t just looking at newspapers anymore. They’re checking their phones and laptops, browsing the internet for the latest deals and keeping up with their social media accounts.

Nowadays, marketing is all about creating well-written content and engaging audiences rather than selling to them. This has paved the way for Digital Marketing which is now crucial for brands.

If you’re a Digital Marketer, you’ll know how difficult it can be to explain your profession to older generations without using industry jargon. Start talking about search engine optimizationdigital campaigns, and influencers and you’ll be left with a room of blank faces.

What is Digital Marketing? A Whole new generation of marketing explained for Baby Boomers #WhatIsDigitalMarketingCLICK TO TWEETIt’s a shame really as digital marketing touches the lives of so many people nowadays whether they know it or not. It’s a booming industry and one that is only going to continue to thrive.

So, finding a way to get this across without losing everyone along the way would be ideal, right? To help, we’ve compared some of the key elements of digital marketing to everyday life – removing the jargon and making each term a little easier to understand.

So, this article deals with the question “What is digital marketing?” in its simplest form possible.

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As a core part of the digital marketing process, we’ll start with SEO. Traditionally, businesses would list their services in a print directory like the yellow pages.

If you ever needed a plumber, for example, you’d dig out the directory and give one a call. This has now essentially been replaced by Google. The online directory is what people use to find businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

To sum up

The principles of marketing haven’t changed, it’s just that the way we do it that has. We now live in a digital age where billboards and TV ads no longer capture consumer attention in the way they once did.

Now that most people own smartphones and have access to the internet, it takes a lot more to grab their attention and impress them. Brands have to be far more targeted in their approach and offer value to set themselves apart from the competition.

This is why digital marketing has flourished in recent years as, through the elements we’ve been through in this guide, it offers a far more targeted approach. Not only does it exist where people’s eyes are now (on phones or laptops) it also targets them in a very sophisticated way that no newspaper ad could ever do.

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