Check Out this Bizarre Fan Theory About The Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? I have been a huge Harry Potter Fan since its first book was released. J.K Rowling gave a completely new world of Dark Arts, Witchcraft, and Wizardry to us. Harry Potter has developed a huge fan base over time, and this becomes more interesting when these fans come with some amazing fan theories from time to time. It’s the best way to keep the story alive!


Despite some recent blunders on social media, J.K. Rowling remains one of the most beloved authors of all time. Her stories have grown beyond the seven books and eight movies.

There’s a play; there’s all that merch, the amusement parks, the video games, the mobile games, etc.
J.K. has often added more details to the story through the Pottermore website, or via her Twitter when responding to fans.


We found out the Golden Trio’s career paths, what happened to Sirius Black’s motorcycle, and that Hogwarts eventually got a new headmaster.

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Her fans continue to make up the most detailed fan theories. And this theory about Harry’s Invisibility cloak brings a completely new meaning to the story and makes you go like Whaaatt!!!

So get ready to dig deeper since this fan theory will make you get your thinking cap on.

By now, we should all be very familiar with the “Tale of the Three Brothers,” which was the legend in the series about Cadmus, Ignotus, and Antioch Peverell’s quest to defy death.

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Voldemort ends up being inspired by this legend and goes on a mission to acquire the three famous gifts from Death called the Deathly Hallows.
The three items being the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone, and the invisibility cloak.


Now as per this Reddit User Arthur_Pan, the invisibility cloak is more important than what we initially thought about it.
What if the cloak is a link between the two worlds of life and death?
Yes, this fan theory proposes that because the three brothers were on a quest to summon the dead, Death wanted to punish them for trying to bridge the gap between life and death.


He decided to prey on their greed by using the three items.
The Elder Wand is a tiny piece of Death itself since it can summon death through killing curse; the Resurrection Stone is part of the arch or bridge between the two worlds; and the Cloak of Invisibility is the veil of death, the gateway through which the dead must pass.


And since Harry is in possession of the cloak, what if he truly can bridge the gap between the living and the dead?
The user says that the cloak can hide anyone and anything because you aren’t in either world anymore. Actually…what if Harry’s not even entirely alive since he bridges that gap?
Yeah, You all must be in shock after reading this theory because it’s such a bizarre one.

If you are a true Potterhead, Share this ultimate theory with other Potter fans and make their day more interesting.

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